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                The company is committed to the manufacture and sale of automatic machine tools of the sheet metal industry, and provides the"information, automation and intelligent"sheet metal processing solutions for the customers.

                The company s main personnel are engaged in the sheet metal machine tool industry, has more than ten years experience, we arefrom the mechanical structure to the oil circuit control and the electric circuit, the numerical control system comprehensive specializedteam. It has a good relationship with the large sheet metal machine tool manufacturers, providing customers with different brands olmachine tools, and can integrate the best components to complete the whole assembly production, so as to achieve the besicost-effective products. As the core part of the CNC machine tool, the company has the independent production of numerical contro system, and the most professional maintenance personnel.

                Company tenet sheet metal industry is a metal sheet metal as the theme of the need to make with countless changes, accurate ancfast principle in the production process, the company is not only the pursuit of product excellence, and follow the"customer first, sincer service"spirit of service. The pre-sale, sale and after-sale services throughout the life of products, and strive to create more value-addec for customers, and therefore become the ultimate choice of customers, the ideal brand.